Air Force General on ONO Board Has a New Book

Major General Carl G. Schneider, USAF (retired) is a member of Operation New Outlook’s Board of Advisers. This pioneer in jet fighter combat has become a dedicated supporter of veterans after retirement. And now he has written a new book.

The book “Jet Pioneer. A Fighter Pilot’s Memoir” chronicles a life that would make an action hero jealous when thinking of his adventures (see For cinema action heroes the excitement happens in front of the camera. For Carl Schneider it was in front of people whose goal was to kill him. From the 1940s through the Vietnam War, Carl Schneider lived these stories and survived numerous combat situations.

His book is fast-pasted and full of action. It also serves as a guide for those interested in leadership. What is exciting is that throughout all the adventures Carl simply says; ”It was great fun except for the part when they were shooting at me!” By the way, that happened a lot.

Having known Carl for a few years, it is my privilege to know someone with such wisdom, experience, honor, integrity and extraordinary energy.

I urge you, buy this book; ALL of the profits go to help our veterans.

Prof. Barry A. Goodfield, Ph.D., President and Chairman of the Board, ONO