PTSD’s Prohibitive Price

Meet Ms. Cleo DeLoner, a United States Army veteran who has suffered from a combat-induced post traumatic stress injury. Her wounds were incurred when she served as a military policewoman in Somalia.

After a long and varied course of treatments for her emotional wounds, she has finally recovered to a fully functional emotional state. In the course of her recovery, Cleo sublimated her wounds by expressing them as free verse poetry. These have now been published in book form as a collection entitled “TRIGGERPIECES: Thoughts That War Stirred Up in One Female Combat Veteran.” The Kindle edtion of her work can be purchased at amazon, here.

Cleo actively supports efforts to serve the needs of her fellow war fighters who have suffered emotional and TBI injuries similar to her own. For that reason, she has consented to help us mount a crowdfunding effort on behalf of Operation New Outlook (“ONO”). ONO is a non-profit corporation dedicated to finding a better means of treating what is commonly referred to as PTSD.